Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hell Laptop For The Deceased in China

Every April 5th is Tomb Sweeping Festival, or Qingming, in the Chinese culture. On the day, the Chinese people go to the cemeteries to clean the graves and burn hell money to the deceased in a tradition that has lasted over more than 2000 years.

In a belief that they should provide the ancestors with everything they will need in the next life, Chinese people have began buying and burning paper replicas of luxury goods like flat screen TVs, mobile phones, BMW and Mercedes cars, or even viagra, condoms, and make-up bar girls [ehh...for the afterlife sex] years before.

But anything else?

With the internet having become an indispensable part of the real life, apparently, Chinese people want their ancestors to surf the net in the underworld also. Not surprisingly, they come out with the paper laptop!

Hell Laptop For The Deceased in ChinaHell Laptop For The Deceased in ChinaHell Laptop For The Deceased in China

Above are three pictures showing one of such kind of computers. It was spotted by a Chinese internet user spotted what is called Mingfu Computer [Mingfu, literally as Hell] at a joss paper shop when going to the wet market. He/she posted them in a thread titled Qinming Is Arrving, In The Hell Also Can Surf the Intenet on the forum of According to the shortcut icons on its desktop, this hell laptop was "installed" with Microsoft's Windows 98, :-).

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