Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vuvuzelas, South African World Cup Buzzing Trumpets Are Manufactured By Home-based Factory in China

Vuvuzelas, the annoying trumpets blown all venues of FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa, are manufactured by home-based business in China. A vuvuzela sold to nearly ten US dollars in South Africa, only has a cost about 2 Yuan  (FYI, 1US$~6.79Yuan at current currency exchange rate).

Vuvuzela house-factory made in china 1

Vuvuzela house-factory made in china 2

Vuvuzela house-factory made in china 3

Photos shown here are mid-aged women working in a family workshop named Jiying Plastic Factory run by Wu Yijun (bottom picture) from Zhejiang Province. Before the opening of World Cup, Wu exported 1 million vuvuzelas to South Africa, with each having a profit margin only 0.1 Yuan, so he did not make too much money. Now he improved its price to 3 Yuan each, in a bid to own more.

Vuvuzela house-factory boss Wu Yijun
Vuvuzela boss: Wu Yijun in front of his laptop


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