Friday, August 14, 2009

Jennifer Aniston to Sing in Upcoming Movie “The Goree Girls”

Jennifer Aniston on location with her dog for The Bounty in Lower Manhattan picture

Jennifer Aniston, the 40-year-old actress, will sing and play the guitar in her next musical film, The Goree Girls, which based on a true-life story about an all-female country-and-western band that formed in a Texas prison in the 1940s.

"She can sing. And she's going to learn how to play the Dobro [guitar].” the movie's director, Michael Sucsy, tells E! Online. He also reveals that Aniston's fellow band members won't necessarily be the real-life musicians.

"These women learned to harmonize and they learned to play instruments. They weren't these amazing, accomplished singers who banded together. That's what's interesting about it." Sucsy says.

"It's not just like, 'Hey, you can play the guitar, I can play the piano, I can play the harmonica. Let's put a band together.' It's like, 'We have to get out of jail, and if we have to put a band together to do that, then that's what we're going to do.' "

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