Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Year-Old Smoking Cigarette: Indonesian Boy Ardi Ruzal Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day

2 Year Old Smoking Cigarette! How sad! Indonesian boy Ardi Ruzal is a 2-year-old smoker who reportedly can smoke 40 cigarettes a day!

2-year-old smoker Indonesian Boy Ardi Ruzal
2 Year-Old Smoking Cigarette

Chubby Ardi Ruzal, from Musi Banyuasin of Indonesia’s South Sumatra, puffed just like an adult before the video camera of the journalist who went to his fishing village for the story.

Indonesian 2-year-old smoking cigarrete baby Ardi RuzalArdi Ruzal, a 2-year-old smoker

2 year-old Ardi Ruzal smoking cigarette video caused a public outcry when it was first uploaded onto Youtube, so the video portal have to remove it from online.

However, Ardi Ruzal smoking cigarette story has become a wacky topic for some major foreign media.

Both UK’s best circulated tabloid theSun and USA’s prestigious newspaper Washington Post among others are reporting on the issue and provide the embeddable codes of 2 Year-Old Smoking Cigarette video. We don’t embed the footage here.

If you wanna know something about it, an report by well described well about what the smoking 2 year old was doing in the video.

A Sumatran toddler from Indonesia was caught on tape puffing on a cigarette as if he were an adult.

The tot smokes up to forty cigarettes a day. The video shows the toddler puffing on a cigarette, holding it, and twirling it in his chubby, little fingers as if he were stuck with an adult smoking habit.

According to news reports, his father gave him his first cigarette at just eighteen months old and now at two they say he throws a tantrum when they refuse to give him one. [full report]

Smoking 2 year old Ardi RuzalSmoking 2 year-old: Ardi Ruzal

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