Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christina Aguilera “You Lost Me” Music Video

Christina Aguilera has just released a new music video for You Lost Me, the second single from her latest album, Bionic.

Christina Aguilera performs on The Today Show during their Summer Concert Series at Rockefeller Center

The You Lost Me video is different from her first single Not Myself Tonight. In this emotional video, the 29-year-old singer slows down the tempo and transforms back into the ballads she used to do, looking heartbroken in some of the shots.

When talked about the inspiration for the video, Christina said she got the ideas from the general feelings of yours and the emotions from her past experiences.

“What I wanted was a very raw and real feeling, kind of falling apart of your whole world,” she said and continued, “I draw upon pain of other situations from my life to put into storytelling….pain is almost a comfort zone for me.”

Check out the music video for Christina Aguilera’s You Lost Me below:

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